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Why Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized?

Why Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized

In spite of the presence of laws in all states that restrict its usage, over two-thirds of states, including the District of Columbia, have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, with other states considering similar legislation. Despite its widespread use, the FDA has only approved marijuana for treating Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, which are rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

Why haven’t more studies been conducted on marijuana? One explanation is that marijuana is classified as a Category I drug by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), alongside substances like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. This classification indicates a high potential for abuse and a lack of accepted medical use. For this reason, researchers must have a license to conduct the study, according to Marcel Bonn-Miller, PhD, a substance misuse researcher at the Perelman School of Medicine in Detroit.

Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana In The US

What about the economic benefits of legalizing cannabis and marijuana? In the past, they have been inaccurately portrayed as causing homelessness and unemployment by diminishing motivation, energy, and drive and turning users into passive addicts. Similarly, what about the argument that it promotes the use of “harder substances” and is addictive? It can be stated that some of these previous claims are no longer valid, considering the economic and health advantages associated with marijuana.

Minimal Fatality Rates:

There has never been a reported direct death caused by marijuana use. In comparison, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that alcohol is responsible for approximately 76,000 deaths among Americans each year.

Crime Rates:

Countries that have already legalized marijuana experience significantly lower crime rates compared to countries with restrictions on its use.


Cannabis could be a real game-changer for our society as we try to get back on our feet after Covid-19 wreaked havoc on our economy and health. If it’s legalised, it could bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue and put millions of people to work. Everyone over the age of 21 would be able to buy legal weed, just like alcohol has some health benefits if you use it in moderation. It’s no secret that alcohol has a lot of economic benefits, but it can also lead to more deaths and injuries.

Agricultural Sector:

The agricultural sector has seen a number of benefits, from the companies and individuals who grow and harvest crops to the growing and delivery of cannabis to a growing number of businesses. For those who cultivate and grow multiple acres of cannabis, legalising cultivation would lead to numerous job opportunities.

Safer Alternative:

Another benefit of marijuana is that it’s safer to use than opioids. Opioids, on the other hand, are highly addictive and are not recommended for chronic pain management in the long run.

Reducing Racial Discrimination:

Marijuana has also been associated with racial profiling, with black and Latina people being arrested more often than whites for marijuana possession.