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Top Expert Strategies For Maintaining Productivity When High

Top Expert Strategies For Maintaining Productivity When High

The stereotype of the “lazy stoner” died a long time ago. Society is beginning to recognize that, for the most part, people who enjoy cannabis have the potential to be extremely successful. From Joe Rogan to Rihanna, some of the world’s most dedicated and hardworking people smoke marijuana. If you’re considering using marijuana to enhance your focus while residing in Michigan, obtaining a medical marijuana card is necessary for legal access to medical marijuana. Applying for your medical marijuana card is straightforward; you can fill out a simple form available on the homepage to begin the process. 

In addition to smoking marijuana outside of work, many users incorporate cannabis into their workday. The herb can help to improve focus and spark creativity; however, smokers run the risk of overdoing it and decreasing productivity.

Unfortunately, a good balance can be found. Use the tips below to stay productive while high.

Not So Fast: Essential Tasks to Complete Before Getting Started 

We recommend that you clear your head before consuming cannabis and beginning to work. Check off the following items before you start your day to have the most productive day possible. This is how to be a successful stoner.


  • Set objectives and deadlines

Set goals and deadlines to help structure your day. This will allow you to move forward without feeling overwhelmed. Set attainable goals and write everything down on a to-do list to make it feel more “real.” If you don’t finish everything, you have “evidence” that you tried.

You can also set mini-goals that contribute to a larger project, such as finishing 5-10 pages of a large essay or book per day.


  • Stay Organized

You can truly benefit from cannabis’s productivity-boosting effects if you stay organized. The herb typically stimulates the creative right side of the brain, encouraging divergent thinking while leaving the organizational left side unattended.

Before you start blazing, make sure you thoroughly organize your tasks. Once your schedule is set, you can work as hard as you need to without worrying about procrastination or losing focus.


  • Eat Healthily

One of the keys to success is eating a well-balanced diet. You need all the right nutrients for your body and brain to function properly throughout the day. Eat a healthy breakfast before you smoke, vape, or do anything else to get yourself going and prevent a serious case of the munchies from derailing your plans. 


  • Understand Your Limits

Burnout results from overworking. While it may be tempting to complete all tasks at once, taking on a challenge gradually but steadily yields the best results. Take things one step at a time, and ensure that each task truly demonstrates your full potential.


  • Choose a Suitable Strain

Every marijuana user has a favorite strain. Some people do well with high-THC strains that stimulate creativity and the ability to invest in a task. Others prefer CBD strains that promote mental clarity and full functionality.

A strain’s terpene profile is also important to consider. Those high in myrcene and linalool, for example, will relax the mind, whereas limonene and terpinolene will energize it. Terpene profiles that help you immerse yourself in a book may not be as effective when delivering a presentation or meeting. Consider the tasks that your working day will entail and choose your strain accordingly.


  • Avoid Distractions to Improve Concentration

Your surroundings will influence how much work you are able to complete. A potentially distracting environment will always tempt you to focus on something else.

Turn off the television, move your phone to another room, and notify those around you that you will be unavailable for the next few hours. Any of these factors can quickly disrupt your concentration and lead you down a rabbit hole of procrastination.

Activities to Engage in During Your Work Hours

Now that you’re fully prepared, it’s time to get down to business. Use the following strategies to make the most of your day and achieve the best results possible. This is how you stay productive when you’re high.


  • Pace Yourself

Take each obstacle as it comes. Maintain a close eye on your structured to-do list to ensure that you are not rushing or cutting corners. Only proceed to the next task after you have completed the previous one to the best of your ability.

If you come up with an idea that could help you with something further down on your to-do list, scribble it down on a piece of paper and come back to it later.


  • Be Realistic

Only hold yourself to the standard you know you can reasonably achieve during the day. If you set too few goals for yourself, you will spread them out and move at a snail’s pace. If you set too many goals, you will rush through tasks and produce subpar results.

True, finding your sweet spot will require some trial and error. However, once you’ve determined how much you can handle, maintaining that balance will allow you to produce the best (and most) work in a given time frame.


After starting the day with a joint or vape hit, you’ll find yourself back on Earth in a matter of hours. Consider microdosing instead of consuming a large bowl or an entire joint. This practice will put you on the verge of being high while keeping you sober enough to work to your full potential.

Begin with just a pinch of your favorite strain. Take a chance and observe the outcome. Once you’ve determined the exact amount that will keep you motivated but not stoned, take a hit every hour or so to keep you there.


  • Limit yourself to light snacks

Around mid-afternoon, you should start to feel the munchies. While it may be tempting to eat a large meal or some heavy junk food, doing so will most likely put you in a “food coma” and sap your motivation.

Snack on light and healthy foods throughout the day instead. Fibrous fruits keep you alert, hydrated, and satisfied. For lunch, eat grains, meat, and vegetables to get all the nutrients you need while avoiding a sugar crash later in the day.


  • Remember: Worktime vs. Playtime

Remember that you work hard so that you can play hard. You can play with your hard-earned money after you’ve paid your bills and saved some money. To make this a reality, you must first draw a solid boundary.

If you start taking an hour here and an hour there to play during the workday, your productivity will suffer and you’ll have much less spare cash. Resist procrastination during the day and avoid instant gratification so that you can enjoy long-term fulfillment.


  • Stay Active

Humans did not evolve to spend their days sitting at a desk. Our bodies and brains require movement to function properly. We need to stay active in order to keep our cardiovascular system healthy and the detoxifying lymphatic fluid moving.

At least once an hour, stand up and move your body briefly. A round of sit-ups, pull-ups, or push-ups will bathe your brain in oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood. You’ll feel wide awake and ready to crush it for the next hour once you’ve settled back in.

When we sit down all day, our posture suffers as well. Consider purchasing a standing desk or simply placing your laptop on a stack of books to keep your spine elongated while working.


  • Don’t Make Excuses

We are far too quick to tell ourselves that we can’t do something or that we aren’t good enough. Instead of succumbing to these moments of self-doubt, choose to believe in yourself. Even if you fail, at least you tried. You’ll know exactly what to do differently the next time to increase your chances of success.

Fortunately, cannabis is an excellent tool for introspection. Using it throughout the day will provide you with a new perspective on yourself and your work. You’ll most likely discover areas where you can improve and can put this knowledge to use in the future.


  • Take Breaks

It can be beneficial to complete large amounts of work all at once, but it can also lead to mental exhaustion. Every hour, take 5 minutes to breathe, move, and step away from your desk. The Pomodoro Technique is a great way to structure your work and rest periods.

It takes 55 minutes to complete, with a 5-minute break every hour to regroup your thoughts. There are many Pomodoro timers on YouTube, both with and without music, to help you keep this rhythm.


  • Enjoy the Experience

In the end, our perceptions determine how we feel about a situation. You have two options: view work as a grind that requires suffering and hard work, or as a meditative practice that requires concentration and willpower and fuels growth and positive change.

Incorporating cannabis into your job will assist you in accepting the latter option. The herb helps one get into the zone and focus on what is happening right now, rather than several days or a week ago.